Meet The Team

PhysioAqua was born when we realized that although Aquatic Therapy is wonderful and has visible benefits, but we found most of our patients discontinued once the temperature variates. Hygiene was another prominent issue in public pools. Last but not the least most of the pools were far away from the patient-friendly environment.
To solve these problems, we thought of building our own setup with:

  • Temperature Controlled Pool to avoid the discontinuity caused by seasonal temperature variations
  • Patient-friendly environment
  • Hospital grade hygiene

Dr. Rajashree Fadnavis logo

Dr. Rajashree Fadnavis



Dr. Rajashree is an entrepreneurial, passionate, soft-spoken and friendly person. She has more than 4 years of hands-on aquatic therapy experience in various pools across Pune. She holds Master of Physiotherapy(MPTh) in Neuro-Physiotherapy, having more than 5 years of clinical physiotherapy experience.

She strongly believes that aquatic therapy can benefit in rehabilitation and in maintaining a fit lifestyle.

When she’s not practicing, you will find her training for marathons or painting cartoon characters.

Ram Shankar Yadav logo

Ram Shankar Yadav



Ram is a geek by heart and loves learning and designing systems. He holds MS Software Systems from BITS, Pilani and EPBM from IIM Calcutta.

When he’s not working you will find him training for marathon and triathlons.